Linda Sanford is the author of Strong at the Broken Places: Building Resiliency in Survivors of Trauma (1990, 2004) and The Silent Children (1980). Sanford is also co-author of Women and Self-Esteem (1984) and In Defense of Ourselves (1978).

Strong at the Broken Places: Building Resiliency in Survivors of Trauma, by Linda T. Sanford

Strong at the Broken Places, by Linda T. SanfordFirst published by Random House in 1990, NEARI Press is proud to be reprinting one of the classics in the literature about survivors. Within this text are the stories of twenty survivors who know that "the best revenge is living well." Prevailing over a childhood of sexual and physical abuse, neglect, parental substance abuse and witnessing domestic violence, Linda Sanford asks them to look back and help us all understand how they fared so well. One of the first popular books on resiliency, Strong at the Broken Places was written for every survivor, friend, family member, mentor or helping professional who seeks the path towards self-forgiveness and healing.

"One more time, Linda Sanford has written a book that has the power to change your life. Strong at the Broken Places is a book about love and strength—the inner strength and courage and courage of abuse survivors and the innocent, wondrous, loving being in each of us. It is a book of healing."

— Claudia Black, author of It Will Never Happen To Me

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Women and Self-Esteem : Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel About Ourselves, by Linda Tschirhart Sanford and Mary Ellen Donovan

Women and Self-Esteem, by Linda T. Sanford and Mary Ellen DonovanEssential reading for all women. Many women feel the distressing effects of low self-esteem. They worry that they are inadequate or worthless; feel insecure about their looks and dissatisfied about their bodies; doubt that they are lovable; secretly believe that they don't deserve success and happiness; harbor fears that they are not bright enough, not talented enough, just not good enough.

This compassionate, ground-breaking book examines how women's harmful attitudes about themselves are shaped. It offers concrete help — sometimes in the form of step-by-step exercises — to resolve the dilemma women face by building higher self-esteem. For every woman who has ever wanted to like herself more, Women and Self Esteem is a truly invaluable and effective guide.

Paperback: 480 pages Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics); Reprint edition (January 1, 1987) ISBN: 0140082255

This book is widely available in bookstores everywhere.

The Silent Children, written by Linda Tschirhart Sanford in 1980, is a parent's guide to the prevention of child sexual abuse. Check your local library for this book, because it is no longer in print.

In Defense of Ourselves, co-authored by Linda Tschirhart Sanford in 1978, is a rape prevention handbook for women. Check your local library for this book, because it is no longer in print.

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