Boston University School of Social Work Advanced Certificate Program in the Treatment of Psychological Trauma

The Trauma Center, founded by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, also offers a nine-month post-graduate certificate program in the treatment of trauma. Now located in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Brookline, Mass, you can contact them at

I highly endorse the documentary shorts produced by Oscar winners Cambridge Documentary Films. You may contact them at or 617-484-3993. In addition to their film "Strong at the Broken Places" they also offer the film "Rape Is...", the film "Defending Our Lives", and many other relevent films with extensive study guides.

For the local NASW/American Red Cross Disaster Response Training, contact Wayne Kessler at or 617-558-1278.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Certification:

Body-based trauma treatment by Pat Ogden, PhD

For intensive training in play therapy or sand tray therapy with traumatized children with Eliana Gil, Ph.D

For the Stone Center Relational and Cultural Approach to the treatment of trauma, various workshop are offered in the Boston area:  Look for Amy Banks, MD and her workshops on trauma and the brain. She is the best!

The following centers offer post-modern and culturally competent trainings on trauma treatment:

If you will be working with offenders, you might want to join the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Also, the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers is a terrific organization with lots of training and great professional image building.

You might want to join the American Society of Professionals of the Abuse of Children at The have terrific resource lists, publications, related links and excellent forensic interviewing clinics on state-of-the art interviewing of victims of physical and sexual abuse.

To learn to be an adventure-based therapist seek trainings from Project Adventure at

Local group therapy organizations often offer trainings that are relevant to trauma treatment:

For general excellent supervision from a psychodynamic theory base, check out the low-cost supervision groups at the Boston Institute of Psychotherapy in Brookline, Mass.

You can also seek low-cost supervision from an LICSW from the NASW Member-to-Member Supervision Service

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